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Ventana Creative Collective

Ventana Creative Collective offers Martinborough a window to the world of creativity, a place to nurture your creative side with our inspiring menu of art and craft workshops, art exhibitions and acoustic musical performances.

In addition Ventana has a beautiful retail space showcasing unique, hand-made items carefully curated from local and international artists. We have picked items that are unique and that spark inspiration and joy, and that we hope will enhance our customers’ well-being. Ventana also provides the local community and our visitors with art and craft workshops, IT tutoring, regular art gallery shows, acoustic musical performances and custom group events.

Open 10am-5pm, seven days a week

Contact: Auriga Martin

8 Kitchener Street

Phone: (06) 3069488

Email: info@ventanacreativecollective.org
Website: https://ventanacreativecollective.co.nz