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Murdoch James Estate

As one of the founding families of Martinborough’s wine industry, Roger Fraser planted Syrah and Pinot Noir in 1986. He named the vineyard after his father, Murdoch James (Jim) Fraser. Jim has left Roger with two memories; the importance of family, and integrity in all one does.

Murdoch James wines are handmade with the greatest of care, using sustainable practices to protect the land for future generations.

Since Roger’s first vintage 25 years ago, Murdoch James Estate wines have consistently received international critical acclaim, and the philosophy at Murdoch James Estate remains the same: ‘Handmade in New Zealand’

Today visitors can enjoy Grape to Glass Wine Tours of the vineyard, winery and barrel caves, as well as tastings followed by lunch at the stunning BLOOM Restaurant at Murdoch James Estate, Dry River Road, Martinborough.

A beautiful destination – do come and visit us!

If you’re looking for a Martinborough vineyard tour, accommodation, or restaurant, please come and visit us! The Blue Rock Vineyard at Murdoch James Estate is a beautiful destination and we welcome all visitors.

Phone: 06 306 9165
Fax: 06 306 9120
Email: Click Here
Website: www.murdochjames.co.nz

PO Box 37, Martinborough 5741
384 Dry River Road, Martinborough 5781